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We have a unique way of meeting your adventurous expectations!
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Beach Resorts

Diani Beach

Enjoy Beach Resorts at the prestine Diani Beach which has won several awards as being the best beach in the world. Lots of beach, sand, and sun.

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Explore the Culture

The Maasai Comunity

Curious to find out about this great people ? Come and spend time immensed in their culture and traditions and get a lifetime experience

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Boat / Yatch for Hire

Explore the Ocean

Hire a boat to go Whale seeing in Watamu, scuba diving at Managa reef or even a yatch to enjoy a night out in the open Ocean

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Curio Shops

Curio Works

Get to Buy any souveiniors you may want to buy from reknown curio shops run by master crafters.

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Beach Fun

Lots of Beach Ativities

Play Beach games like football and volleyball, lots of water activity and of course, enjoy a camel back ride along the beach and through Mombasa "Old Town" and the Iconic Fort Jesus

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STEVE JORGAN - NORWAY Kenya is truly a beatiful country and the poeple are welcoming and very friendly
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DARREN SPRATT - AUSTRALIA I enjoyed the flexibility of being able to enjoy multiple packages and smoothly transversing the country without and logistical or regulation challenges”
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RIYA YAHIDA - SPAIN The beach in Kenya is awesome. I really enjoyed the scuba diving.”


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